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February 3rd - 2015
January was a crazy month, but it was certainly nice to do those 3x a week updates. I had to move to a new apartment fairly unexpectedly, though, and a lot of things came up during the move. Thanks to that, my buffer is sapped as well as my energy. For February, I'm going to go back down to the normal 1x a week updates in order to rebuild some script and buffer, and catch my breath (there will be an update this Friday, though, as I missed one of the bonus updates last month). The plan will be to come back in March and do another one of the 3x a week months that I owe from the Kickstarter *knock on wood*.

For those interested, you can help support me and Derelict through my Patreon. More reliable income means making Derelict in a less stressful environment.

Thank you for your readership, everyone. February updates will be slow, but at least this is a short month. I'm very excited for some of the upcoming scenes in Derelict and hope to move through pages at a faster rate during such scenes.