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November 5th - 2015
I just revised the look of the links page and put up a few more comics for you to check out, as well as a link to my other webcomic, The Sword Interval.

Angry D. Monkey - A monkey and his brother (who is a frog) enter a fighting tournament. This is a really fun parody of (or maybe an ode to?) anime tropes. ALSO IT STILL DOES NOT TAKE PLACE IN SPACE!

Inhumation - A character-focused slice of life, and by "life" I mean "afterlife" because it takes place in Hell. It turns out the first layer of Hell is a lot like Earth, only slightly suckier. Also the cops are terrifying tar skeletons.

Kill 6 Billion Demons - A downright gorgeous comic with a rich lore. Follows a woman cast from Earth to an extraplanar hub to contend with demons, angels, and weirder.