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May 27th - 2015
Things have been crazy here. Vet visits, jury duty, getting everything together for a new job. Sorry for the skip this week. As the comic above says, I am giving the Derelict books a push to help cover things after a huge bill from the vet. For this week, shipping on the book is free in the United States and reduced everywhere else. Purchases, or donations, are greatly appreciated at this time.
I hope that once I have this new job all squared away and am used to itm updates can become more reliable and I won't have to keep pushing the book so hard. In the meantime, thank you for your understanding and support.

May 19th - 2015
I'm in a sci-fi fantasy anthology called New World, which has been put together by Iron Circus and is currently Kickstarting. My story is a 12 page piece on two low-tech alien cultures at war, and it's only one of 25 different pieces in this 300+ page tome by 30 creators. You can pre-order it on the Kickstarter.

April 22nd - 2015
In order to better keep up with fan art, I have made the gallery into an easier to manage Tumblr! You can go there to see art others have done related to Derelict and see links to their own works!