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October 1st - 2014
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Money has been tight for me recently. While I broke even on the two recent comic conventions (and it was awesome meeting new people as well as meeting those who were already readers!) all of that money is going right back into shipping the last international Kickstarter books. Even then, it won’t be enough. I did some poor budgeting and international shipping has really been kicking my butt. It’s a lesson learned, and I expect my next Kickstarter will run much smoother. In the meantime, I need to try and get through this.

I’ve put up an e-book version of Book 1, which you can download through Storenvy or through Gumroad for $4.50. Book 1 is also available through Storenvy in print, for $20 + shipping.

A quick note about Storenvy, by the way! Until recently, one needed to have an account to buy anything through them. That’s been changed, and you can now check out as a guest using most major credit cards or PayPal, no need to sign up for something new!

Thanks for your support, everyone.