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September 1st - 2014
The newest addition to the $4+ Patreon gallery wraps up this short unfinished comic.

August 22nd - 2014
Pretty neat new addition to the Patreon gallery for those of the $4+ tier - the first half of a short, unfinished comic taking place thousands of years after the main Derelict storyline.

August 18th - 2014
The first book of Derelict is now available in print! In addition to the first 154 pages of Derelict (with some slightly retouched art in places), this book contains the following bonus content:
- An 11 page book-only guide to the Miasmics and their language, written from the perspective of a Goya researcher.
- An 8 page book-only bonus comic about Dang Thu Mai having a nice day.
- 3 pages of Concept art.
- 4 pages of Guest art.